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Thursday, March 10, 2016
452: I'm still alive.

Its the 10th day of March, year 2016. Aproximately two years and three months since my last post. I never planned to go back, or even write something on this blog but tonight right after dinner, i suddenly had the urge to visit, read some posts, laughed and gone sentimental to my old posts.

How long has it been? How far have I gone too?

These are probably the same questions I've always been asking on my last posts in this corner of www. So yeah, I'm still alive. I'm probably more alive now.

Two weeks ago, I just got back from a short trip to the Philippines. It was unplanned yet memorable. I was originally planning to visit Europe this summer, but I decided to cancel it and use my holidays just to go home, meet everyone again, and attend the wedding of one of my closest cousins.

I needed to escape, I've been working too hard since I got into a new company on October last year.

Two years ago, I wasn't still sure of what I love... or perhaps what should I be devoting myself too. And guess what? Been to several countries since then. Taiwan on 2014, Indonesia on 2015. I was able to see three wonderful places in my home country too last year. I'm glad I visited South Korea on January, went home on February and still has scheduled trip back to Indonesia two months from now and a trip I am yet to finalize on August. lol

I just fell in love more with travelling.

I knew I'm being more alive whenever I embark on trips, visiting new places and meeting new people. Perhaps, the person who I used to be two years ago is so different from who I am right now. And I can never go back to the old me, ever again. :)

Posted at 09:29 pm by yu27
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Tuesday, September 03, 2013
451: Twenty Four :)

About two weeks ago, I probably had my closest encounter with death. No, i'm not exaggerating, but perhaps i won't just put too much detail about it. But all I know is that i was scared, and it tested my faith and courage. The day started well, i was doing find and I had no idea that such thing will happen. I almost felt my body shutting down; my visions getting blurred and the sound that I hear suddenly seemed like turning into a monotone sound that I couldn't even understand.

       Hence, I prayed. I concentrated breathing, thinking that "no, this isn't the way everything will end." Suddenly, I was able to stand up and with help of these kind people around me, i was able to go to the hospital and recieved treatment. It was probably one of the most memorable occurences that i may have encountered.

       Now, i felt stronger. The wounds seemed to be healed but there's still pain trembling within my chest from time to time. Ever since that day, I sort of felt how life is too fragile to be taken for granted.

Anything can change, everything can be taken away in any place and in any time, even the most important things for us, LIFE not exempted. Perhaps because of my clumsiness, I could've died many times before. But i believe that there may be a special reason why God wanted me to survive all of those occurences. Today, i just turned twenty-four. Yes, two dozen years of memories.

    Two dozen years of battles and victories, of hellos & goodbyes; failures, progress & achievments; recollections of the past and my journey towards my dreams. I am thoughtless, of where this road will eventually take me. But i'm sure and I can feel that it'll drive me further. Perhaps as far as to where God wants me to be.

       If I were to live longer, or even just for another twenty four years, I wouldn't mind living without wealth, without luxury cars, fame or even a big house; as long as each and every single person I love is safe, healthy and happy, i think I'll be fine with it. Everyone who remembered me on this day, I deeply appreciate it. I am speechless. And with all these simple, yet warm words that you have sent to me, i know I am wrapped up in everyone's love. Thank you so much for all the love and support! Good night people! :)

Posted at 11:30 pm by yu27
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Friday, February 15, 2013
450: Invisible Strings...

            The wind is crip and cold. And the cloudy winter sky seems to fall upon me. Recently, another chapter of my life had just ended.

            It was inevitable.

            It was so lonely.

            I was doing my best yesterday and now, I couldn't even find another place to go to. Perhaps, If i'll ask God a question, I'd ask him why happiness couldn't last forever.  It was a bitter sweet goodbye to the place and to the people I've spent so much time with within the atwo years of my life. And now, i sort of felt that my sense of belonging starts to fade away.

            Suddenly, the burst of memories came to me. The laughters, and the places i've been into with the people I was able to meet.

            From places to places, we arrive. We meet people. We make friendship. And together, we create and gather memories that we'll carry on within our lives. We make a bond with them, like tying invisible strings to each other's hand; the invisible strings that'll connect us from them wherever we go, no matter how far we may be apart.

Posted at 10:49 am by yu27
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Monday, December 31, 2012
449: Happy New Year!

             Time didn't seem too slow this year;  its as if the starting point that i was  able to draw when 2012 started is still warm.    It was indeed a year of laughter unlike  the previous years i may have faced before.   

]            How far have I already gone? 

            How many faces have I been able to meet? 

            And how many memories have I already gathered until now?

            These are the questions that I keep   within me whenever a year ends.    And surely, there won't be answers to them  without these people who helped me make 2012  a meaningful and a memorable year as well.   

            Thank you, for being there within the last four  seasons of my life; within those 365 days of chances,  opportunities, smiles, tears and stories. Thanks for all these memories, 2012. You've been a haven, a comfort zone and a  special place for me.     But i can never live in you no more.  I can never stay on the same place all my life.   

            The unfamiliar sunrise that we'll be   facing tomorrow may not be kind, but the memories we had from you will  keep us moving forward, no matter how strange   and winding the roads we will be taking   on the next 365 days of our lives.

            Now, as the year ends, let me send you   the warmest greeting my heart can ever give. 

            Happy new year everyone!  

            Cheers for another episode of our journey! :)"

Posted at 11:55 pm by yu27
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Sunday, December 09, 2012
448: The New Snowfall

            Hi everyone! I kinda missed posting something here in my blog. I felt like recently, with all the punches of life i've faced, this sentimental part of me slowly fades away. How long has it been since my last post? Well, how's everyone! Up until now, i live independent and away from my family. I'm dating someone whom I'm living along with for some months now.

             Today was the first snowfall in the city where I currently resides.

              The wind was heavy and its crisp coldness burns my skin for whatever reason. Winter has arrived again. This is the third time I'll be spending this season here in Japan. As I look back from my past, i couldn't help but think how much i've changed. It feels a little bit sad. But perhaps that's just a part of growing up.

               I already turned 23 this year. Few more months and i'll grow a year older again. Its as if it was just yesterday when I started this blog out of boredom and frustration from my crush back then. LOL I strangely feel so shy to myself whenever I remember those days.

               On spring, I was able to visit my homeland after two years of staying here. Everything was perfect, except the fact that i wasn't able to meet everyone i wanted to. As soon as I returned here, everything turned out to be a real drag, financially and emotionally. Thank God, i have these special people by my side no matter the distance and time we're different.

               Summer came, and the days of pain had ended. I moved to my new apartment with the person I'm dating with up to now. Things were hard at first but I was able to cope up eventually. The wind has started to change, leaves have turned their colors. They fell. And now, a new snowfall has just started.

               The year is ending so soon, and i'm glad that I was able to return here in my blog before it ends. I hope I'd be able to post more here as often as I did back then.

               Perhaps., that'll be all for now. Good night -^^

Posted at 08:39 pm by yu27
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